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Managing your emotions can save your heart! A belief held by many – experienced by some – is now being validated in scientific and medical research. Many who find their way into our massage chairs share some of their frustrations, and disappointments, as well as their physical challenges and needs. And the simple fact is that worry, fear, anger and sorrow cause stress, anxiety and even pain. Stress triggers a cascade of chemicals –  such as adrenaline and cortisol – which raise blood pressure, heart rate and ultimately affect the health of your heart.  

There are many natural ways to reduce your stress levels. Massage, as you may know, helps lower both your stress levels and your blood pressure. Exercise, being in nature, meditation, practicing yoga, hanging out with friends, laughing, talk therapy and support groups also help to decrease stress and anxiety. As stress and anxiety are cumulative, so are the benefits of self-awareness and self-care. Practice self-care and seek a health professional if your stress levels begin to affect your health.