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How to Make the Most of Your Next Chair Massage

Sign-Up: We’re a by appointment only service, so make sure to book online in advance. Check our menu and choose which massage you would like to receive. If you are undecided, talk to your therapist. Our therapists are happy to make recommendations.

Extra time: You can add extra time to your massage in 5 minute increments when you sign-in. (You may also be able to add extra time while in the chair if no one is waiting). Some of our customers routinely add time to their chosen massage. Ask your therapist about pricing.

Set up: We need a few minutes between each customer to thoroughly clean and sanitize our massage chairs so that we are fully prepared for you to take a seat.

Feedback: Let your therapist know if you feel stressed, sore or tender, have a headache or back, neck or shoulder pain, Your therapist can then tailor your massage to your needs.

Comfort: At any time, ask your therapist to adjust the pressure and/or to re-adjust the chair during your massage if you are feeling any discomfort. Sometimes when you begin the relax, the chair or headrest may need additional adjustments

Our mission at Take 5 Massage is to ensure that your chair massage is a great experience, EVERY time. Thank you for being a customer and remember, we are always happy to hear from YOU!