Massages are by appointment only!

Locations and Hours

Whole Foods Market- Altamonte Springs (MM35004)
305 E. Altamonte Dr.
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
Available by Appointment – BOOK NOW

Infusion Tea – College Park (MM21899)
1600 Edgewater Dr.  Orlando, FL 32804
Available by Appointment – BOOK NOW

Massages are by appointment only!

Workplace Massage Orlando

Drop Your Shopping Bag and Enjoy a Personalized Massage!

Take 5 Massage is Orlando’s chair massage specialist. Our massage therapists are here for you Monday-Saturday. So when your job is a pain, your kids are a handful, your neck is stiff or your back aches, just book an appointment and put yourself in our experienced hands for just a few minutes.

We Know How to Lift the Weight of the World in 20 Minutes!

You’ll find our licensed massage therapists  in the Whole Foods Market in Altamonte Springs and inside Infusion Tea in College Park. Open daily Monday-Saturday by appointment only.

You’re expecting this to be costly, right? Not even close. Our prices start at $30 for 20 minutes.  Not bad for a therapy based on 5,000 years of experience.

No flimsy chairs, no rookie hands, no hit-or-miss techniques.

We have a close-knit team of  licensed and insured massage therapists selected to join Take 5 Massage. To be licensed in Florida, candidates must pass a course that covers anatomy and physiology, musculoskeletal anatomy, pathology and a wide variety of massage techniques. We choose our therapists based on the quality of their massage skills as well as their dedication to the field.  We want every chair massage to be a great massage!

Each chair massage is based on therapeutic protocols that we have found to be highly effective — but not every massage is exactly alike. Each Take 5 therapists has a solid grasp of proven massage protocols. Most of our therapists seek specialized training in specific areas such as pregnancy massage, Cranial Sacral, Myofascial Release, Swedish massage, deep tissue and sports massage. As their experience and repertoires grow,  massage techniques evolve, but attention to the basic protocols provides quality assurance and consistency. Our goal is that every massage will be consistent, effective and memorable.

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