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Congratulations parents, summer is over. Time to “supply shop”, re-set the alarm and tackle impossible schedule conflicts. Little kids are excited and anxious to meet new people, go new places and learn new things. Older kids anticipate reunions with friends, confront advanced academic challenges and navigate a whirl of extracurricular activities. Parents are adapting.

Although moms, dads, kids and teenagers share in their excitement and anticipation, they also share another experience, stress. Adults, sensitive to their own levels of stress, may not recognize the signs of stress in their kids such as: sleep disruption (including nightmares), difficulty concentrating, behavioral changes. Teenagers can become moody, withdraw, exhibit aggression or simply retreat and stop communicating.  Get the school year off to a great start with open communication and collaboration. Make it a family project, convene a family meeting, involve your kids and any care-givers in the planning process.