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5 Surefire Ways to Wreck Your Back

Thousands of Florida LMTs (Licensed Massage Therapists) renew their massage licenses every two years. Some become newly licensed each year. One thing we have learned, many of us want massage, some of us  REALLY, REALLY NEED massage!

5 Guaranteed Ways To Join the “Back Wrecking” Club

1. Tech NeckCraning to read and respond to text messages, slumping over your laptop, iPad, or smart phone, strain to read your computer screen, or slumping for hours on your cushy sofa while stream hopping.
2. Schlepping Heavy StuffCramming your tote, purse or briefcase full of lots of heavy stuff  causes back, neck and shoulder pain. Carrying or strapping the load on one side of your body or slung over a shoulder adds insult to injury. (We even have some tuba-toting customers too.)
3. Slouching: Do you round your shoulders when perched on your office chair, while reading or driving? If so, before you know it, gravity is no longer your friend. (Fun Fact: the average human head (weighs about 10 to 12 pounds?)
4. Faulty Foot WearTip-toeing around in high heels, flitting around in your iconic Florida flip flops, or running fleet-of- foot in worn, deflated sneakers or thinly-soled All Stars can shoot pain right up your spine.
5. Gym Addiction: Even a really good thing can go wrong. Exercising incorrectly, too much or too often, stresses and strains your spine, resulting in soreness, pain and even possible injury.

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