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Fall Road Tripping for Floridians

For many Floridians, fall means hopping into your car and heading north in search of brilliant vistas of fall foliage backlit by pure, blue autumnal skies. Pulling over for a few roadside stands, their bounty often offers fresh-squeezed apple cider, boiled peanuts, piles of home-grown pumpkins and/or jars of local Appalachian honey. Here’s a cool interactive map of Fall Foliage Prediction Map. We’ll miss you while you’re gone, but post plenty of pics so we can all enjoy your adventures.

Road Trip Tips for Floridian Leaf Peepers:
1) Plan your overnight stays. Hotels, B&Bs and especially campsites book up.
2) Choose your routes. There are many scenic highways and byways to explore.
3) Use your GPS to alter your route & discover rural before-the-interstate highways.
4) Carve out some time for local Festivals, farmer’s markets and flea markets.
5) Avoid back pain. Stretch on your stops, swap drivers when possible and pack an ice pack.

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