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Take Care of Yourself While You Take Care of Business


First you endure your morning commute, then you sit for hours in your office chair, and then you cap it all off with a couple hours of sofa-surfing, sound about right?  Yeah, you know you need to mix it up: move, stand, walk, breath, stretch.  The big question:  HOW to create the time and space for self-care at work.

Don’t be a statue:  If you stay in the same position for hours, you may develop chronic pain. Use a simple timer, your smart watch, your even-smarter phone and set reminders to move:  stand, stretch, haul-it down the halls, is strident on the stairs, tap dance in the aisles.

Find a Break-Buddy:  ask a co-worker to take a walk & talk, call a “standing” meeting, wander outdoors for breaks, join co-workers in gentle-no-pain stretching.

Do a desk audit. Does your work station work for you?  Adjust your screen at the proper angle and distance to avoid both strain and injury.  Simple monitor adjustments help prevent both slouching and eye strain.  Is the lighting bright but not glaring?  Here’s a cool app for tweaking your space, how get it just right for your size.

Chair Check.  Since you might spend 1/3 of your life in your work chair, are you two a good match?  A chair can be good to you if it’s adjustable, supports your back, and allows you to rest your feet comfortably on the floor, a cushion or a foot rest.  Negotiate a “swap” if yours isn’t working.

Own Your Space.  Web-surf to discover some stretches, activities, tools that can help you create a more satisfying work space that works for YOU.  If your boss can’t spring for a new chair or lighting, explore what you can do on your own, for you!   Here’s one to get you started.

Things to keep in mind.  One size chair, desk, keyboard setup does not fit all.  Each body has different needs.  To avoid injury while stretching, be gentle and slow, especially to start.  Clear new exercises with a trusted healthcare advisor or professional familiar with your goals and your health.  If your co-workers think you have gone nuts, ask them to subscribe to our newsletter (sign up on at the bottom of our home page).