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Journaling is good for your health, body and soul.

Journaling in January

“Beyond all ideas of right and wrong there is a field, I will meet you there”  Rumi

Journaling is a wonderful way to start your year.  It’s even good for your health. Clean pages beckon (instead of blink) ready to capture your musings, sort feelings and goals, and create something new.  Like a composer who wakes to write down notes that came in sleep, your journal awaits. When you a have a place to write your intuitions, ideas for art, books, projects and dreams, more will come.

Helpers. Many tools can inspire: friends, books, blogs and articles. A nice niche, comfy chair or sunny spot to write helps with inspiration. 

Materials. Journals can be lovely sheets of fine paper or simple notebooks.  A pen that pleases you, flows well onto paper is an asset, not a necessity.  Browse in a bookstore, many journals and notebooks are on sale this time of year.

Prompts. If the writing doesn’t flow, use “prompts” to get started.  A favorite quote, an image, a random observation will work.  Use a beautiful object, an act of kindness, music, a frustration, a question with no answer, an overheard conversation, a memory.  I usually find a strong image or quote to start an article.

Give your creative self a place and time to share. Affirm, resolve, doodle, press flowers, sketch, include photos and momentos.  Record happy and sad moments, wins and losses.  See it’s really all yours.  Handle with care, no preconceptions, no judgment, no rights or wrongs.