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Be Inspired in 2020

Want to improve your health, lose weight, build strength, improve flexibility, make more money, start a business, start a relationship, learn something new? Putting your “resolutions” in writing is a great first step to identify and clarify your goals.  Next break your goals into smaller, achievable goals and then track your progress over time. With motivation, perspiration, and perseverance you just might get there. This method definitely works, but not for all goals and not for all people.

Consider instead, the creative more circular path of inspiration.  Since motivation typically comes from outside yourself, it requires structure, reinforcement and a bit of pushing through to achieve a goal. Inspiration, on the other hand inspiration is an internal force that generates its own energy and literally pulls you forward. Inspiration comes to you, and when you experience it, you know it!

Inspiration can be found in many places. It comes through things you read, see, or hear, or even through someone you meet. Consciously create some “white space” for yourself to experience inspiration. Inspiration can come from being in nature, listening to music or a podcast, browsing, seeing a movie or watching a video, reading a book or magazine, seeing a play or a concert, traveling, taking a class. Activities invite inspiration too. Ride a bike, paint, garden, bake, swim, dance, sing, do yoga, explore new places. Create the space and let inspiration find you.

As an experiment, create your 2020 list, review it a couple of times, then put it away and forget it. Yep, forget about it! For a whole year!  In January of 2021 pull out your 2020 list and compare it to your actual year. You might find yourself amazed.