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You May Be a Millennial Mom

  • You’re a savvy “can do” kind of person
  • You’re a well-educated, thoughtful consumer and a highly creative thinker
  • You share, review, blog and comment often with your 24 closest friends
  • You value “me time” to offset your “mom time”
  • You text your thank-you notes – much to your mom’s dismay
  • Your seek out small, conscious, locally sourced brands
  • You interrupt your career (or begin a new one) to start a family
  • You choose your food and drink carefully – you care what’s in it and where it comes from
  • You recycle, repurpose, share, grow your own, borrow and trade
  • You exercise, stretch, take classes and stay active (and love massage)
  • You love to travel, trek, explore, seek adventure and new vistas
  • You prefer flex-time or self-employment to gain control over your time

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