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Trees Protect Us. Can They Save Us?

Trees shelter us, shade us, clean our air, enhance landscapes, provide habitat for wildlife and invite us to gather. Areas with trees have less violence and less pollution, while conserving energy and increasing property values. Memories are created in the shade of trees: on lawns, parks and other green spaces. Although sentimental about the trees of our youth, it’s important to choose trees native to our area. Florida’s native trees provide habitat for local wildlife, have a better chance of survival and enhance our eco-system.  

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best time is now.
(Chinese proverb)

In Florida, we love shade! The City of Orlando holds the title: “Longest Running Active Tree City USA” in Florida. Currently, our explosive growth and development threatens our landscapes and canopies. Some of us are bummed about the loss of the beautiful, mature trees which lined the I-4 corridor. While there are plans to replant, it will take years to re-establish the landscapes and canopies.  As Arbor Day approaches (Friday, April 26th), consider working together to create more public and private green spaces in our lawns, parks and city scapes. Some cities/communities offer free tree planting programs (City of Orlando link). Search for your area: enter your specific location and “free trees.” You might be surprised by what’s available.