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Holiday Happiness and Stress

The Thanksgiving “Table Talk” Survivor’s Guide

We all want to leave Thanksgiving dinner feeling grateful, happy and satiated, especially after all the political drama we are experiencing this year.  To reduce the potential for experiencing undue stress, we’d like to share some “question deflection” strategies.

Answer a question with a question.

Q: How’s your love life?
A: Why do you ask?

Turn the question around.

Q: What are you planning to do with your degree in Victorian Literature?
A: Wow, I was about to ask you:  how did you find your first job in Applied Physics?

Expand the time frame (somewhere between now and never).

Q: Who did you vote for?
A: I did a lot of research and made my own choice, so I’m keeping it to myself for the next few years to see how it goes.

Anticipate routine questions – rehearse your answers (humor is always good).

Q: Can we expect the pitter-patter of little feet soon?
A: We thought you might be wondering about that, so we’re agreed to let you know – we’re adopting a puppy next year.

Establish boundaries: decide in advance which questions you will politely decline to answer at all.

Q: How much money are you pulling in these days?  Are you planning to lose weight?
A: That’s actually personal and I really need to leave it at that!

We wish you a happy, memorable and peaceful Thanksgiving.  Take 5 Massage is closed Thanksgiving Day, we’ll be there the day before and then back on the Friday after.  We can soothe your spirit and aid your digestion.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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