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FASHION SENSE or COMMON SENSE – Tips for Pain-Free Fashion

Can clothing and accessories actually cause pain? Or do they simply exacerbate pain already present? Either way, if you experience pain when (or after) wearing or carrying certain clothing items or accessories, vary your wardrobe choices to determine what helps and what actually hurts.
  1. Loosen up:  choose clothing that doesn’t bind or restrict movement.  Spandex can certainly be your friend.
  2. Lighten up:  clean out your bags, totes, wallets regularly, reducing their weight.
  3. Mix it up:  Alternate your daily styles and accessories so your body gets a break when you regularly shift the pressure on your back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs.
  4. Stay centered: be conscious of clothing and accessories that throw you off your center of gravity and restrict your movement or breath.
  5. Take the pressure off:  If clothing or accessories bind or restrict, leave imprints or chafe, consider replacing with new styles that incorporate both comfort and style.