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Motherhood: When Multi-Tasking Becomes a Superpower

Have you ever wondered how moms do what they do?  We have. How do they nurture a family, run a household, pursue a career, teach and mold minds, monitor behavior, juggle relationships PLUS provide a bunch of free ride-shares?

Parenthood is hard. The daily mashup of work, love, and focus exceeds those of any full-time, lifelong, demanding job. A recent study found that moms work an average of 98 hours per week, with an average of only 17 minutes a day of free time for themselves. That works out to just under 2 hours a week available for self-care. The daily multi-tasking, juggling everyone’s schedules, and adjusting to shifting priorities contributes to stress, tension, over-exertion, and overwhelm. We notice how often moms (and dads) find their way into our massage chairs seeking relief from stress, fatigue, tension, headaches and/or backaches. The necessity of self-care, time-out, relaxation and rest for moms (and dads) can’t be overemphasized; nor can the importance of gratitude and appreciation for all they do, be over-stated.