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How To Celebrate Fall in Florida

Floridians enjoy a four season climate:  Tourist season, Hurricane season, Football season and HalloThanxChrisNuYears.   That said, we reverently pay homage to the seasons in absentia like Fall and Winter.

Getting “Fall” to Come to Florida
  • Forage for fall foliage — a great excuse to hit the road and drive north.
  • Lie in hammocks in your leafless backyards and post pics of your sandal-ed feet.
  • When the temps do dip below 90, skip work! (whoops! We meant to say skip TO work)
  • Attend fabulous Florida Fall Festivals even without the actual “Fall” part.
  • Choose cool Halloween costumes that don’t even have to keep you warm.
  • Sweat through outdoor football and soccer games aided by LOTS of cold beverages.
  • Take field trips to actual fields:  farms, mazes, farmers’ markets, hayrides, pumpkin patches.
  • Google “Octoberfest” and then take your pick from all over the state.
  • Break out your infinity scarf (or your knit cap) and drink pumpkin pie smoothies inside with air conditioning.
  • Grab a blanket, some wood and roast marshmallows on the beach under the stars.