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Grow Your Garden With Creativity

There’s a fresh, healthy new look sprouting up in O’Town. Thanks to the ingenuity and passion of some talented local folks, urban farming and gardening is happening in Orlando.  Communities and neighborhoods nationwide are re-thinking both the creativity and the practicality of growing fresh food, attracting pollinators and wildlife with native plants, adding fun and beauty in open spaces, right-of-ways, rooftops, vacant lots, medians and yards. Yard farms, urban gardening, permaculture, community gardens are just a few ways to brighten landscapes, draw people together, educate aspiring farmers and gardeners, provide habitat and shelter for Florida’s native Florida fliers and critters.

A popular in-town neighborhood, Audabon Park, with the support of the City of Orlando and ­­­the vision and organizing efforts of local residents is leading the way.  One of the programs to emerge from these efforts is Fleet Farming, a bicycle-driven yard farming initiative. Another program run by the City of Orlando, has opened up neighborhood garden plots for city-dwellers who lack the space or light to grow veggies, flowers or fruit trees.

Whether you’re into veggies, trees, flowers for birds and bees, or just getting some fresh air and exercise, with a few spins on Google, you can find plentiful resources, inspiration, and like-minded folks to inspire you.  Dig in!